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Example Of The Vine Tree Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Soup of the day £5,50

Hungarian Garlic, Paprika, Caraway Seed Sausage with Mustard, Gherkins & Bread..... £7.95

Glazed ham, tomato, Free Range Egg & Chunky Chips..... £8.50

Beer Battered Haddock Fillet with Tartar Sauce, Minted Peas & Chunky Chips..... £8.96

8oz House Made Local Beef Burger, melted Cheddar Cheese top on toasted Chiabatta, dressed Salad leaves & Chunky Chips..... £8.95

Grilled Chicken Breast on Herb Salad with Parmesan Shavings..... £9.25 (Swap Chicken for Grilled Halloumi)..... £7.95

Slow Braised Crispy Duck Leg with Herb Saute New Potatoes, Vegetable & Five Spice Jus..... £11.50

Jonathan Crumps Single Gloucester Cheese, Mushroom & Leek Tartlet with Wholegrain Mustard Cream Sauce..... £9.50

Chiabattas with Dressed Leaves..... £6.50

Chorizo, Cheddar Cheese & Sweet Chilli Jam
Beef & Horseradish
Pesto Tomato & Grilled Halloumi
Bacon, Brie & Cranberry
Chicken Lettuce Mayonaise
Pork & Apple

Add a side of chips for £1.00

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Daily Specials Always Available Please See Our Specials Board All Our Meat Is Sourced Locally Our Fish Is Delivered Fresh Daily From Bristol

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